We Move the Earth for You . . . and Water too

RAINDANCE has been servicing the Basin and surrounding areas since 1980, providing the most expert and efficient designs, installations and services to move your water and keep it moving.

From complex septic systems to pier foundations, we move the earth for you . . . and water too.

Septic tanks are now available, including delivery and installation services as needed. Made to order, right here in the Basin, specific to your project. Quick turn-around.

Whether designing your septic system from scratch or keeping existing projects going, including service and repairs, RAINDANCE is here for you!

Call or Text today: 435-823-RAIN and find out why RAINDANCE has been the Go-To Specialist for decades.

Custom Iron Gate & Fence

+ Extensive Septic System Project - designed and installed by RAINDANCE - Call or Text 435-823-RAIN | 435-823-7246

Cement Septic Tanks

Designed by RAINDANCE for your specific project. Made-to-order right here in the Basin. Installation also available. Call or Text 435-823-RAIN | 435-823-7246

Complete Septic System Redesign & Installation

To accommodate more guests, the entire septic system at Sky Rider Ranch needed to be designed and rebuilt. That's exactly what we did. Let RAINDANCE make your vision a reality. Call or Text 435-823-RAIN | 435-823-7246

RAINDANCE : The Go-To Experts in Septic Design, Install & Repair

When the Engineers can't figure it out, they call Keith Goodspeed with RAINDANCE. He's been moving water in one form or another since the 60's. Call or Text the Expert and get your system designed right the first time: 435-823-RAIN | 435-823-7246


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